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"This project began as an exploration, I realised I had gone so long without talking about subjects that were relevant to me as a female. When it came to organising contraception and handling menstruation I’d always gone with what worked for my older sister, because I had heard her talk about them they lost their unknown, fearful qualities, this meant that without really even considering other options out there that could potentially have been better suited to me, I had already made my decision to use tampons and take the pill and quickly became quiet about these issues again because I thought that was the end of it.

This series is about discovery, discussion and changing perceptions about the inanimate objects that can assist women and girls both daily, monthly or yearly. I am prone to thrush, I have been since I was seventeen, yet every time I go to buy treatment I have to prep myself to feel brave and unapologetic, I have to hope to not be spotted so I don’t have to feel humiliation and shame for something that is naturally occurring within my body.

I began by photographing the packaging of my thrush treatment in a luxurious, glamorous way, I showed this to my friends and we began having discussions on thrush and other infections like it, this spurred me on to create a series for myself and other women as an almost belated Sex-Ed experience. Before this project I had never seen a coil, femidom or mooncup in person, I had never considered the importance and positive impact of discussing what we are usually expected to stay quiet about on my mental and physical health.

I want “Hidden Bits” to be seen by more women and girls to show them that they shouldn’t feel ashamed of their female experiences and how they deal with them. They should be able to discuss properly what the appropriate aid for them personally is without fear or feeling like you’re taking up people’s time and too much space. Our bodies are important, therefore so are the decisions around what we use to assist them."

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